08 June 2006

Really, Friday Can't Come Soon Enough.

Having had a miserable week at work, which is a verboten topic, I must just instead say praise whatever you find holy that tomorrow is Friday.

I'm intentionally coy about where exactly I call HOME, because it is a small place and I don't want to be "outed" professionally, so this won't be a clue to where I live. That said, I'm going to see Dave Matthews Band on Friday and on Saturday at a venue called The Post-Gazette Pavillion, which isn't really in Pittsburgh, PA, but close enough. I'm really excited about it, I've seen the band in concert every year since I was 19 or 20, and that's been awhile. Last year I got to see about 3 shows and this year there are a bunch of old high school pals are going too. So that should be lots and lots of fun.

It can't come soon enough.

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