28 August 2006


I'm traveling on business this week, but I haven't posted anything for more than a week, so I needed to post something because I'm feeling blog withdrawl. Is there a medical term for that?

Anyway, I'm on a pay-by-the-minute terminal...so check out these links while I'm away.




More later this week.

Soundtrack: Leavin' On a Jet Plane

20 August 2006


Yes, that would be me huffing in frustration. Well. Tempest in a teapot time, no? My last post, a letter to members of Al-Qaeda, landed me more comments that usual, yay, but also seemed to set off a bit of a shit-storm, which wasn't my intention, so booooo.

I *KNOW* that all who practice Islam are not terrorists. OK? I hate, hate, hate people like Tucker Carlson, who go on MSNBC and make statements like the following, "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim." Gimme a break Tucker. I also dislike making myself look like your average Yank, who doesn't know a damn thing about the world beyond her front door. An admonishment to THINK before I write was therefore in order, and was issued beautifully by Aunty Marianne in the comments of my last post. I kinda pulled an open mouth, insert foot, chew.

I'm typing on the laptop with dying batteries, so that's all I've got to say today.

11 August 2006

An open letter to Al-Qaeda

Gentlemen: (because I presume that you're too sexist to ever have a female member)

Please tell the world just exactly what it is that you hope to accomplish by murdering tens of thousands of innocent people. Really, is the thought process anything like this at all?

"Oh, well, you see, if we kill thousands, suddenly the light will go on for everyone else, and they'll stop being infidels and realize that Islam is the only true faith!"

Look, guys, don't you want intelligent thinkers rather than blindly believing zealots? Islamic followers accomplished so much in the middle Ages in Spain...and the mathematical thinkers of those centuries were all Muslim. I've visited the mosques in Spain and seen the things that were accomplished during a (relatively) peaceful period of coexistence with Christians. Can you not imagine a place and a time where we can all believe in our own faith without repercussions? Spend some time here. America can show you that peaceful coexistence. My best friend is Jewish. I’m Catholic. It works.

Or perhaps you think that there will be some disconnect here in America, that we'll suddenly stop producing Hollywood blockbusters that show too much skin, or that MTV will collapse, if only you kill enough innocent civilians.

I have a hot flash for y'all. I didn't vote for George W. Bush...in fact, most people I know didn't vote for that idiot. The whole country does NOT agree with Condee Rice and Donald Rumsfeld. The foreign policy that they write and take positions on are not ever going to be the opinion of all 248 million of us. And if your plan is to kill all 248 million, well, then, we've got one of the largest armies in the world to stop you.

One of the great things about this country is that I can have the opinion that the entire Bush administration is made up of card-carrying morons, and I can express that opinion as freely as I wish. I can bash the Catholic church if I choose to, I can change my religion if I decide that’s what I want to do. Personal freedom, personal choice. That’s what it is all about.

~Lucy Arin
American since 1974

09 August 2006

Ah, for the ability to type and drive at the same time.

Would some bright scientist type please invent this? I spent Monday afternoon driving through Ohio (yes, it IS possible to drive from my home for 5 hours and STILL be in Ohio) and I had so many ideas about things to write about. And then yesterday I made the return journey and was listening to various NPR stations (among them WYSO, WCBE, WOSU) and having more ideas. Since I was driving alone, I couldn't have someone else drive so I could type, and I didn't have a computer with me anyway.

I logged into the computer this morning to check my e-mails since I was away from the computer for about 36 hours and I had 17. When I worked for the bastard bank, that wouldn't have been very many, but these days it is quite a few and I was kinda suprised. And since most of them were work related, we're moving on.

In between Columbus and Mansfield, there just aren't that many radio options. Country, some more country, two Christian stations (shudder. shudder some more.), and not much else. 80 miles outside of Cleveland I was able to pick up WCPN, thank goodness.

I've been writing more at Well Fed and having a delightful time doing it. I did some research about Mad Cow Disease, organic labeling standards and fair trade coffee. The fair trade article won't appear until later this week, but check Growers and Grocers for the other articles. I'm learning so much!! I had no idea about food production in this country and am appalled about all kinds of things...

Although I can't talk about my work on this site, I am going to mention this briefly. I was at Camp Joy for a work retreat and had a fantastic time. It was hot, and I think I sweated about 11 pounds off. They do have air-conditioned cabins, thank goodness. What a wonderful place!

05 August 2006

Weekend America

While taking the 30 minute drive from my home to my parent's today, I was listening to Weekend America. Gotta love NPR/PRI. Give today's show a listen; they were talking about the SDS convention and The Beatles "Revolver" album. Links here.

03 August 2006

More Dave Matthews Band Madness

I haven't been writing much at all b/c it is too dammed hot. Today's high was 83, but the humidity is at 100% which makes the oppressive-ness factor of the heat much higher. Yuk.

Went to see Dave Matthews Band last night at Blossom Music Center. It was a good show. They're all good shows; this one was a bit disorganized. The band spent quite a bit of time talking to each other, more than usual. Seemed a bit like maybe they hadn't decided on a set list before they took the stage. Maybe it was me; but I was there with a friend who I've seen more than 10 shows with, and she thought the same thing.

There aren't really any songs that the band has written that I DON'T like; but I do have a few particular favorites; Grey Street, Ants Marching, So Much to Say, Best of What's Around. They played Ants Marching (a rarity), Sleep to Dream Her (haven't heard that live for a few years) and Grey Street, plus a few others that I like; complete set list can be found here.

Am editorial note; I've been getting comment spam from the site in my e-mail, so I added a word verification doo-hickey. Please don't let that stop you from making a comment.

Soundtrack: DMB Live @ central park