02 September 2006

Chillin on a Saturday morn

Back from travelling for a few days. Went to Chicago for work, home for 1 week, then back to Chicago for a few days off. NOT MY PLAN, I must tell you. DH has a convention to attend in Chicago, and I'm along to play on Michigan Avenue, something I didn't have very much time to do whilst I was working in Chicago. No worries, still managed to spend about $100 in Sephora, Origins and at a Levenger store, couldn't have been any more pleased about that.

I'm still trying to recover from the 3 days of nonstop classes and then the flight home...so jet-lagged.

On to events political, then. There's been so much happening that I wanted to comment on, but let's start with my friend Mischa's post about the drunkest cities in America, because it is way too funny to not comment about. (Linky direct to original story on MSNBC here) Our own Columbus, Ohio is on the list. That really shouldn't be any shock to anyone who has ever watched Ohio State play any football game at home. And besides OSU, there's a bunch of colleges in Columbus, and we alllll know that college students drink lots.

Then there was President Idiot in Salt Lake City this week....check out his moron-ness here.

Next, the bright boys at the Pentagon are telling the even brighter boys at Congress that Iraq is ripe for civil war. Wow, who'da thunk that? Funny, though, this link is from the Toronto Star.

Two quick other things then. Heard an interesting interview on NPR, and I'm going to get this book today. Ray Suarez has written a book about religion in America, called The Holy Vote. Sounds really interesting, and leads into my last thing.

While wandering around a local festival yesterday, I was struck at how many Christian T-Shirts I saw. Seems like a great reminder that I'm living in the reddest of the red states, and that the conservatives may yet take over the world. I think that everyone should be free to practice whatever religion they'd like, but I don't like having it pushed in my face; I don't like being "witnessed" to while I'm trying to enjoy deep-fried everything. And no, it wasn't a church festival. If it had been, I would say serves me right. But it wasn't.

Today's Soundtrack: Madonna's "Rain"

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