13 December 2006

Ten Things I'd Never Do

I read a bunch of Brit and European boggers and various folks linked to said Brit and Euro bloggers, and The Wrath of Dawn had this posted recently. I had to look up the definition of meme, b/c I'm not really hip to those cool terms, but for the uninformed, please read the very scientific definition here. A very interesting theory, actually. I wouldn't normally do something like this, but it struck me as really fun. The point here is not to be uber-serious, and list the ten commandments, but things like skydiving and eating puffer-fish, more lighthearted things you wouldn't do. So without further ado, here's my list.
  1. Get a tattoo. I am a big, big wimp when it comes to pain, and can't sit still for long so I don't think I'm the ideal candidate. I love tats, and love the stories connected to people's tats, (hence the obsessive watching of Inked and Miami Ink Hello Ami James, you're hot) but I don't think I would get one. I wanted one when I was 18, of a Grateful Dead dancing bear, and now, at 31, I'm thankful that I didn't.
  2. Rock climb without the appropriate gear. I'm terrified of heights. Yes, I would like to climb a mountain someday, but have ya ever seen those nuts who climb rock faces without any protective gear? Yikes.
  3. Attempt to make my living being a roofer. Same fear-of-heights problem.
  4. Telemarket. Ugh, what a miserable job.
  5. Drink mass quantities of tequila. Bad, bad things happen when you do.
  6. Volunteer for psychological experimentation. I've got enough going on in my own head without any help from any mind-fuckers.
  7. Go back to school to study mathematics. No, thanks. I had to take calculus twice to get my degree....couldn't pass the dumbed-down version that they teach business majors, so not high on my list of things to do. Higher mathematics are so not my thing.
  8. Work for any member of the Bush family or the present or any possible future Bush administration. (Yeah, I had to squeeze in a mention of W. I know.)
  9. Watch a Survivor marathon on TV. Actually, that goes for almost ANY contest-driven reality show. I don't get the fascination with The Bachelor, Fear Factor, The Amazing Race.....
  10. And finally....I'll probably never stop being a bitch. My Mama always said, "Don't let anybody walk all over you," and I don't. If that gets me tagged with the bitch appellation, that's OK with me.
So consider yourself tagged with this meme, and feel free to pass it on. I had fun reading a bunch of other folks' memes, and some fun writing my own. And a change from my of-late usual bitching about how miserable I've been, so a good change of pace. Happy Thursday!

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Jen said...

Fun post! Okay, here are mine:

10. Try a lab-generated illegal drug. Notice I did not mention *naturally* derived substances.
9. Climb Mount Everest / Kilimanjaro / Ranier etc. I once thought that sounded fun, but then I had kids, and I would like to see them grow up.
8. Cheat on my spouse. I love him too much and I love our marriage even more to ruin things. This is actually #1, but that seemed cliche, so I put it at 8 to shake things up a bit.
7. Hold up a bank or convenience store. Armed robbery precludes you from owning or operating a firearm, and that would make life difficult for me.
6. Run for political office. I'm too shy.
5. Buy a pair of shoes that cost $100 or more. I would happily spend that on hiking boots, but never on dress shoes that are going to be uncomfortable, anyway.
4. Be on a TV show, especially a reality show. I'm not skinny enough, anyway, so that will apparently not be a problem for me.
3. Win the lottery. Because if you don't play, you can't win.
2. Get caught up on my housework. Again, if you don't play, you can't win.
1. Post a long, rambling reply on a friend's blog.

Oh, wait...