16 January 2007

Hate to admit it...

but Dad was right. Remember a few weeks ago when I said that I love telling people 'I told you so'? I do, but I hate to admit when someone else is right. When I was a kid, and not feeling so hot, and trying to stay home from school, he would tell me that if I would get up and get moving, I would feel better. I never believed him, ever. I usually got my way, staying home, not paying much attention to him.

However, this morning, I got up and was feeling totally shitty, I think last night's dinner just didn't sit well. I got out of bed and went to the gym, thinking the whole way there that I might toss my cookies. I did my 40 minutes of the interval program on the elliptical, 5 minutes of cool-down, my usual stretching routine, and left the gym feeling....better. Not great, you understand, but better.

I'm down ten pounds since I started working out six days a week, at least 30 minutes a day. While I am thrilled that I managed to not gain any weight over the holidays, that 10 pounds has not made a bit of difference in the way my clothes fit, nor am I sleeping better. My asthma is much improved, progress, but I feel like I should be down about 15 pounds or more. So I've scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hottie to have blood work done, to see if I am diabetic or I have thyroid problems, because I don't know any other reason why the weight isn't coming off. So frustrating!

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Misha said...

Don't know how long you've been working out, or if you're cutting calories too, but you will always lose more at first and then the weight loss will slow or stop. It's a plateau, and it sucks. (I should know. I've been on one for three years now.)

There are several ways to kick-start things. The first is to start lifting weights (what I'm doing now). It's the only thing that will significantly reshape your body. Cardio is great, but it's not enough alone.

The second thing is to reduce calories. For most of us, especially those of us who sit at a desk most of the day, 30 minutes or even an hour of exercise a day is just not enough to keep losing weight.

Three years ago I did a weight-loss study at University of Pittsburgh where I did a 1200 calorie, 27 grams of fat per day diet. It totally worked--I lost 20 lbs. As soon as the study was over I stopped losing weight (though, fortunately, I've kept the weight off for three years).

The frustrating thing is I KNOW if I did that diet again, I'd lose the 15 lbs. I have left to lose. But it's hard, and it takes real dedication.

One thing I did a few months ago that worked was not eating any refined sugar for a month. I lost 5 lbs. I'm trying to do it again now, but it's so hard not to backslide.

So now, I'm doing the 45 min. to an hour workouts every day, with weights every other day, and cutting back on the sugar. I've definitely lost inches but just a couple pounds so far. I'm going to have to face the cold, hard truth eventually--I need to cut the calories again. I don't think it's necessary to go all the way down to 1200, and I'm definitely not going to count fat grams again, but 1500 should do the trick.

Good luck! Hope some of this helps, and that I'm not just repeating stuff you already know or have tried.