03 February 2007

Politicking again

Back to business as usual, then.

The Governor of Texas has signed an executive order that requires girls entering the sixth grade to have the new HPV vaccine. I first heard it on NPR, of course. If you've been living under a rock, and haven't seen the ad campaign for the vaccine, here's a link to more info.

Here's the thing. If there were a vaccine to prevent some boy cancer, let's say testicular, would anyone be thinking about requiring little boys to get it? Sixth grade means about 11/12 years old. That seems a bit young to me, but that's not really why I'm concerned. I had a classmate tell me in fifth grade that she had already had sex, so yes, it happens that young. This particular post isn't about how I feel about kids that young having sex...that's an issue for another day. At issue here is the fact that you're required to have the vaccine to get into sixth grade. Keep your laws off of my body, anyone?!? I think that the decision to get the vaccine or not get the vaccine should be up to the person getting the needle shoved in their skin, or their parent/guardian, if they're under 18.

Also the methodology of the Texas gov is a little...well...political and smarmy. He signed this as an executive order, circumventing the legislature. There's a lot of chatter out there about how this would have been pretty controversial for the Texas legislature, and no little amount of doubt that it might not have passed. So by signing an executive order, he's just tossed out the whole chance for public debate, and I don't like that at all.

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MotherMe said...

Heard this yesterday as well and had the exact same reaction. Remember that there are many vaccines that are "required" for admission into school. The problem I have with this one is that it's still very new and not well-tested, and I think it's very icky to force people to subject themselves to a still-pretty-experimental vaccine. Couple that with the govvie's iron-fisted undemocratic approach (heil!) and, well, ewwwww. ~mm

Lucy Arin said...

Hey MM!

Was actually thinking about you & your DDs when I was writing this b/c I know how you feel about vaccines in general. This is pretty scary, tho.