09 March 2009

Down and out-ish

Facebook status today:

Lucy looked in the mirror this morning and saw a woman who looked like she'd been sick for a week.  Wonder why.

That would be - er - because I was sick for a week.  Ugh.  No one I know likes being sick, so I'm not going to state the obvious, that I hate being sick.  Of course I do; so does everyone else.  I don't often catch whatever bug is running about; chalk that up to my innate health, or the fact that I eat right and take decent care of myself, or the fact that I take a daily dose of Oregano Oil (sold under the brand name Oreganol).  It doesn't really matter why I don't often catch cold (although I do wish I could figure out exactly what the direct cause is!).  What matters is that I don't often get sick, and I often feel inordinately smug about my ability to resist the bug du jour.

So then it is a karmatic crunch when I do get sick; as if Mother Nature wants to remind me that I ought not be so smug and smarmy.

DH came down with something a few Saturdays ago, after a tame night out with a few of my friends.  He spent a weekend in bed, sleeping, awake for a grand total of about 6 hours out of 48.  I'm not good with the sympathy when someone else is sick; not that I lack empathy, but I lack the ability to DO anything about you being sick, so please don't whine incessantly to me about how miserable you feel, especially after turning down my offers of a blanket, water, chicken soup, analgesics, cold medicine, tissues, or any of the other things that I CAN do to help you.

Mostly, then, I let him sleep, although doing my utmost to be sympathetic and supportive whilst he was awake.  (Add that, please, to the list of reasons that motherhood is NOT for me.)

Monday morning, he and I both went off to work, did what we needed to do, met up at home, and went to bed at a reasonable hour, all per usual.

Tuesday morning, I woke with sinus pressure under my right eye, and a worldview made grumpier by the fact that I felt like someone had run me over with a Mac truck.  I went to work, did my best to keep to myself and stay productive.  I made it through about half a day, and went home ostensibly to sleep, although I ended up watching WALL-E on my computer in bed instead.  Wednesday, I worked a full day, but felt even crappier; everyone at work was irritated with me for coming in at all, as they didn't want me to share my germs.  All-righty then; Thursday and Friday I stayed home.

Late Thursday night, I woke with blurred and shaky vision, which scared the bejeebus out of me; it looked as if everything was both wobbly and out of focus, and mattered not if I had glasses on or didn't.  Friday, then, blurred vision abated for the moment, I took myself off to the doctor's, and armed myself with an antibiotic prescription.

It wasn't until late Sunday that I felt like myself again; I knew I was finally going to kick the cold when I woke up around 10.30 PM hungry.  I wasn't hungry at all while sick, in fact, in addition to the pain of the sinus pressure, achy joints, and general miserable-ness, I was nauseous for most of the time I was ill, and food?  Ugh, thanks, but no.  But as a thunderstorm raged outside, I ate two bowls of an organic granola cereal I had purchased (with two coupons, thankyouverymuch)  and all but licked the bowl clean.  It was goooood.  (I could go for more right now, in fact.)

It doesn't help matters much that I chose a poor time to be off sick; things are too busy at work for me to be away, and I'm leaving the country soon for an extended period of time (umm...I haven't told you about that yet, interweb, sorry) so I have lots to do, little time to do it in, and don't have my usual energy to get it done.  

I need both a nap, and a clone.  Anyone want to get to work on that for me?

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John said...

Commiserating with you on this one. Nothing like being sick to throw EVERYTHING off balance. The entire fam here, save the wife (thankfully! someone had to take care of everyone else...), was sick for about 10 days with flu, stomach virus, and some other mystery ailment. Yuck. It's nice to return to the land of the living.

Looking forward to hearing about the pending journey.