13 January 2010

Well, well, well

Color me stunned. The plea I made a few days ago to global cosmetics company Eucerin wasn't just a lament here at Well Behaved, I also sent them an e-mail through their 'contact us' button on their website. And lookee here, they wrote back to me. This popped up in my lucyarinATgmailDOTcom inbox. I've been having technical difficulties of the Blackberry variety with the lucy addy, and so have been trying to remember to log in and check it. 'Course, I don't remember to do that daily. Copied and pasted, here's their response. Please excuse the Swedish in the headers, I'll translate if it seems needed.






11 januari 2010 11.00

ämne (subject)

000643344A Eucerin product

11 jan (2 dagar sedan)

(2 days ago)

Hello Lucy,

Thank you for your E-mail regarding a Eucerin Lip product. We're sorry to disappoint you, but this product is currently not sold in the
U.S. by Beiersdorf.

While Beiersdorf markets a wide assortment of products throughout the world, the products can vary country to country based on consumer preferences and brand development within each country's market.

Our products, both in the
U.S. and other countries, are only sold through retail, wholesale and internet retail channels. We do not sell our products directly to consumers at this time.

We are aware of
U.S. internet retailers which sell some of the German Beiersdorf products: www.smallflower.com, www.eurobeautymart.com and www.germandeli.com. You may want to check these sites.

For more information about Eucerin, please visit our website

Please call us at 1-800-227-4703 if you have any other questions or comments. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm EST.

We appreciate your taking the time to express your interest in this product. Your feedback helps us identify those products most desired by our consumers. Thank you again for your E-mail and your interest in Beiersdorf's products.


Consumer Relations
Beiersdorf Inc.

I am really surprised that I got a response. My plea to them wasn't particularly eloquent, just mentioned I'd purchased it in Sweden and want WANT WANT! Of course, none of their 3 suggestions actually sells the stuff, but I did find a Belgian company that sells it at the "right" price. They're even willing to ship to the US; as long as you place a minimum order of 130 . That's "only" about $200. ($188.62, to be precise.) GAH!

So you're wondering, of course, why I don't just harass the fam or good friends in Sweden to hunt me up some? Mostly due to the hassle factor involved. I know, I wouldn't hesitate to ask one of my Yankee or Canadian friends to pick something up for me; and as I pointed out the other day, Swedes have no option BUT Apoteket for prescriptions and some OTC stuff, so it isn't like asking someone to run to Apoteket is going out of their way. But then it needs to be shipped and...and...I'm running out of justifications, aren't I? Hmmm. Du, Maman...kan du gör mej en tjänst? (Oh, Swedish Mama...can you do me a favor?)

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