19 April 2006

Ships, shoes, sealing wax, and dreams

That's what I'm thinking about this week. My friend Amanda M over at We Shall Not Be Moved wrote a post about shoes the other day and I was thinking about all of the really silly shoes I own. I admit it: I have a shoe problem. It is an addiction, I'm seeking treatment, really, right after I get some new summer shoes.

I'm being sarcastic about treatment, and the truth is that I love shoes. Tall shoes, short shoes, heels, flats, sandals, boots....love them all. I own a pair or two that are really stupid shoes. They're extraordinarily painful to walk in. So I wear them on days when I plan to stand around and look cute. But really, why the heck do I do that to myself? I dunno. The easy answer would be that I'm not very smart, but I am smart. And the thing is that I buy stupid shoes because I like them. And I will probably continue to do that until I wise up like Amanda has. :-)

Soundtrack? These Boots are made for Walkin', the Nancy Sinatra version.

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Amanda Marlaena said...

Ah! I was so thrilled to check on your page tonight and see my blog featured! And what great timing, as I just finished writing a new post about the shoe dilemma an hour or so ago.

I am so happy that flats are part of your multi-faceted shoe collection! This indicates that you see the inherent value in flats, that you are neither a flats-purist nor strictly a heels afficionado. You have actually sought flats out as worthy shoes in their own right, and this gives me hope that my recent attempts to resurrect the flat is not completely in vain!

I hope my love of flats can outweigh my self-consciousness about wearing them, as my body was much happier this week (in flats) than it has been in a long time!