15 April 2006

Sing me a spring song

...and let me dance

Today's the first day that I've noticed that SPRING has come to Ohio. I planted some daffodils last fall and while I noticed them pushing themselves up, today they're all in bloom. My home has 4 sliding glass doors and we live in a wooded, secluded area. I've taken all the plastic insulation that we had put up in the fall (to keep our heating costs down) and thrown all the doors open. It was already warmer outside than inside when I woke up, so I turned the furnace off too. Spring! Spring! My soul is singing with it.

Soundtrack: Glen Miller Orchestra's "Swing, Swing, Swing"


Amy said...

Spring has come to Ohio... FINALLY! I sure don't miss our winters!

I enjoyed reading your blog. Glad I found it!

Lucy Arin said...

Thanks Amy! Glad that you stopped by. I so want to play hooky today...a forecast high of 78.