05 May 2007

New Experiences are GOOD for you. Yeah.

I started a new exercise class today. BOSU stands for Both Sides Utlilized and isn't new, having been developed in 1999. But here in the midst of cornfields and lowlands of the Appalachians, it is new to us. Picture a balance ball, cut in half and mounted on a solid plastic base. You stand on it, and do aerobics.

My gym began hyping it at the end of last year, promising to bring intro classes for free. Some of the classes that they offer cost about $20, at least the interesting ones cost. Things that I have no interest in, like Step, are free. Of course. So the offer of a free new class was pretty tempting and I signed up.

I had the first class today. It was awful, horrible, and I hated it. I think that I have a decent sense of balance, and I know that I'm pretty damn flexible, but this was miserable. I do not have good balance on the ball.

The instructor suggested trying first with no shoes, that you might have better balance in socks. True. So I offed my shoes and gave it a shot. My feet almost immediately cramped up, much like getting a charley horse in your leg. I gave it about 15 minutes, hopping off the ball and stretching from time to time, and that didn't work, so I put my shoes back on, and tied them tightly. That was better.

I despise aerobics, I always have. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, signing up for this. I have THREE left feet, can't hold tempo, and have no idea what half of the exercises that the instructor calls out are. V-Step, side lunges? Clueless. So I have to watch the instructor for two or three cycles of the moves and then catch up. I'm always the only freaking one in the goddam class doing that, no matter what the class. And then I can't keep up, getting exhausted before they're done with whatever sequence they're working their way through, wheezing...and I feel like the only idiot in the room who is so out of shape.

I know that's not the case, I wasn't (for once) the fattest person in the room. When I got on the scale after the class, I'm actually down four more pounds than the last time I stepped on the scale. Yay! I've lost about 1/3 of the total weight that I'd like to. And I am in better shape, my cardiovascular system is fantastic. The asthma monster should be completely out of control at this time of year and its good, really. My breathing is fantastic, and my legs, in my adorable pink high heeled sandals, look spectacular. I'm not obese and never have been, but things like this class make me feel like I weigh 300 lbs.

I stayed for the whole class, despite wanting badly to just walk out. The other exercise classes I've been doing for the past 6 months, Yoga and Pilate's, are things that I really liked from the very first class. I dunno if I'll continue to take this class, because it really wasn't fun. And since I don't like to sweat, or do ANY of this stuff to begin with, why should I continue to do it if I think it sucks?

On the other hand, I'm about the MOST stubborn person that I know, and I hate to 'give up' on anything, anything at all. Will I go back next week? Probably. In fact, a woman who was in this class that is also in my Yoga class suggested that I give the Sunday BOSU class a shot, that with a different instructor and repeated exposure, it gets easier.

I'm sure it does, but if it was awful the first time, won't I think it is just as awful the next time? With so many options out there for exercise, shouldn't I stick to things that are fun?

When we're talking about trying new foods, I'm always down for that. New places to travel, yep, sign me up. New exercise classes? Eeaych, not so much.


MotherMe said...

Me? I'd vote for fun. Give this BOFU class a shot, but if it doesn't get more "exciting" (in a positive way-- I can see how trying to stay on a convex surface while jiggling in tempo could be dangerously exciting) then scrap it and try something else. There's no reason why physical activity has to be dull and/or painful and/or traumatic. Really.

BTW: Kudos on the lack of poundage. Or Kiloage. Or however you're counting it down. But please, stop sending it over here. I don't need any more!


Lucy Arin said...

That's kind of what I thought, that if it isn't enjoyable, then I should just not do it. I need to ramp up what I'm doing to keep the pace of the weight loss, but not at the expense of enjoying it (at least a little bit).

As far as finding the pounds...I'm still @ the gym most mornings at 05.30...join me!

MotherMe said...

I know, I know. Easier said than done. There's always something wrenching up my gym plans. Last week it was Mark's schedule; the week before, we were all sick. Now it's a pulled back muscle. Oy! I think someone is trying to tell me to stay away from exercising!! :D


Lucy Arin said...

Ouch! If it doesn't ease up, call me & I'll give you the ph # for my massotherapist, he of the magic, magic fingers. No meds required, and I promise you will feel fantastic after he works on ya.

The other thing that helped me the last time I threw my back out was S-L-O-W walking on the treadmill, about 2.5 mph for 30 min.

I actually didn't make it to the gym this morning and so am going after work tonight. Gotta get through today, first.