20 November 2007

Red Wine

Why, oh why, can I not remember to stop drinking red wine at one and only one glass? Hmmm? I love wine. I love all kinds of wine, sweet white, dry-ish reds, from every corner of the globe.

One of my favorite family-owned local Italian places has a wonderful red that is called Luigi Leonardo or Leonardo Luigi...I can't remember which. It is goooooooood stuff. Especially with the super-garlicky pasta that I like to get there. Just goes down so smooth.

DH and I and friends went there last night for good food and general hilarity. A good time was had by all. Too much food, and decadant stuff at that. I didn't eat most of the day yesterday in order to be able to indulge in this wonderful cheesy garlicky cream-based pasta dish. I can never finish it. DH decided on dessert; I passed in favor of a second glass of the double LL. The bartenders there believe in healthy glasses full of wine, and I woke at about 1 AM with thousands of little hammers banging away in my skull. Two naproxen sodiums at one, another three at ten AM, and ow.

The tannins in the red wine are what give me headaches. I'm too stubborn to stop drinking the stuff. Working up a slow tolerance does not seem to be working so well; nor does drinking lots of water with the wine. Oh well. Red wine's good for the heart, right?


Jennine said...

So I couldn't remember who said "well behaved women....", googled it, found you, started reading your blog. I have to say, yeah, I think I love you. No, not in that I'm-a-stalker-and-will-track-you-down-in-Ohio-and-make-you-mine kind of way. But, in the oh you too are a midwestern, 30's, sans kids, pro-choice chick who thinks our country has lost its collective mind. I look forward to more blogs and plan to read more past blogs. Thank you!

John said...

Hi Lucy!

Just wanted to wish you and yours a happy and thanks filled Thanksgiving. Watch the red wine intake...not all at once.



Lucy Arin said...

Welcome! Thanks for the compliments.

Trying to remember that...little bitty bits of wine.