19 November 2007


I have a good friend who works an unusual (read that not 8-5) schedule. Actually, come to think of it, most of my friends don't work a normal 8-5 schedule. I haven't worked that way since working for the bank, 3 years ago. Working for the non-profit was on call 24/7/365, although I was a day-shift person, my hours were always changing.

My new job has required me to be in an actual office, at a desk, from 8 AM until 5 PM while I'm learning the position. Now, I'm not giving away details of what I do here, nor whom I'm working for; I'm just talking about work in general. I am reminded of how much I dislike being chained to a desk for eight hours a day.

The reasons I left the bank were varied and numerous; but chief among them was that I was expected to sit at a computer terminal for 90% of my day. When I first took that job, it was 90% doing things that I liked and 10% data entry. By the time I quit, it was 90% data entry and 10% of things I liked to do; filing papers at area courts, getting signatures from clients and attorneys, supervising estate sales. I need to be moving, doing different things, out and about. Otherwise, I'm stir-crazy.

It requires a major shift of thought for me to be in an office. I despise office politics. I have no patience whatsoever with cliques and the cool kids. Nor with the bullshit like this: she wore that and its OK, but I can't wear this. Are you getting the job done? Yes? Then who fucking cares?? I hate the conversations that revolve around what people watched on television last night. I don't watch but one television program with any regularity, and I don't give a shit what happened last night on Survivor or Two and a Half Men. I don't work well under micro-management. I'm smart enough, you see, to figure out what needs done without you over my shoulder.

All that makes it sound like I'm angry and bitter. I'm not. I kind of like what I'm doing. It is endlessly fascinating. I'm still helping people in my hometown like I was at the non-profit. It isn't the same sort of help, but it can and does make a difference in my community. I just can't wait until this training is over and I can be doing my own thing. Soon.

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