13 May 2008


The following post brought to you in lieu of a post that would require some actual brainpower.

On the way to Key West, we stopped outside of Homestead, Florida, in a very agricultural area. Palm trees for developments all over the state are grown in acres upon acres of fields, along with tomatoes, and I don't even know what else.

There was a nursery that grew strictly orchids, and I took dozens of pictures of the flowers. If you look at them for long enough, they start to look like animal faces, or if you've an overabundance of imagination, as I do, one even looks like a scholarly cartoon figure, reading a book.

I am particularly proud of many of these shots, as I took them myself with our so-so digital camera. Using macro settings, and trying my best to hold my hands steady, because they still shake from my daily dose of Wellbutrin XL.

I am NOT a botanist, nor was I a biology major, therefore I can not even begin to tell you what species these are. So please don't ask. I just know that I like 'em. And that they're ex-spen-sive; we have a picture of me standing next to one that was $372. For a houseplant. No, it isn't among the pictures I've chosen to share, but take my word for it, these beauties come at a premium price.

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