18 July 2008

Acquisitional Desires.

I Want:

Aldera by Nine West at Zappos.comAldera
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Zappos is a dangerous, dangerous thing.

Have I mentioned before that I have a problem with shoes? {Considering that you have a label for posts about shoes, yeah, Luce, I think you've mentioned that. Once. Or twice. A DAY. ~ed.}

I like shoes. I like frivolous, silly, can't-walk-a-mile-in-'em shoes. Shoes that match outfits, shoes that don't match outfits, shoes purchased just for a particular dress, shoes bought for everyday wear. In many colors, and the taller the heel the better. Standing at just 5'6", shorter than most of the rest of my family, I've worn heels since the parents allowed me to do so. I own maybe 3 or 4 pairs of shoes that are flat; my runners, of course, a pair of hiking boots, a pair of ballet flats, and a pair of construction boots. The rest of my shoes are tall shoes.

Zappos allows you to search for women's shoes based on heel height. Or color. Or size, or style, or brand.....

Oh, the myriad possibilities.

Must. Stop. Looking. At. Shoes.


MotherMe, who can't wear anything that doesn't have arch supports in them these days said...

I find it -- um, ironic? curious? interesting, at the very least - that your liberal, feminist, left-leaning self is obsessed with heels. Talk about your misogynistic, patriarchical bullcrap. So uncomfortable! So BAD FOR YOUR LEGS AND FEET.

Bah. This is one dark and twisted path down which I will never, ever follow you, Luce!! ;)

(But I totally get it, of course.)

Lucy Arin said...

But...but...but...so cute!


I know, they're bad for your legs and feet. I also know that I have a pair or two that can reduce most of the male population to drooling idiots, and I lurves that power, kind of throwing the chauvinist thing back in their faces.

(Because we're smarter than they are. Obviously.)

I think you just have to chalk this one up as one of my lovable foibles, like how I'm a liberal who believes in the death penalty. ;)