19 December 2008

Grammar point: What is the plural of hiatus?


Point being that I am going to Florida for some much needed rest and time with my family for the remainder of 2008.  And then for the early part of 2009, too.  Hiatus 1 & Hiatus 2.  

Going from my home, where there are at least 4 operational computers at any time, to the parents house, where there is but one laptop, means I'll be feeling some withdrawal.  At least, I think I will.  Even with the diversions of BEACH. POOL. BOAT RIDES. DAIQUIRIS.  SIBLING SILLINESS.  I'm sure there will be a moment or two where I am wondering what is missing.  

But then again, I do have a blackberry, with teh interweb available 24/7, so I'm not particularly worried.

Semi-regular posting to resume after January 5th.  Have a happy or a merry, whichever suits your inclination, and I'll be thinking of you in the Sunshine State.  Today's forcast high is 84, just in case you were wondering.

1 comment:

MotherMe, the bastion of useless knowledge said...

Hope you have a fantastic time and soak up lots of warmth and sun. Please bring some back for the rest of us stuck here in the grey single-digit temperatures!.

PS: The plural of hiatus is hiatus. Or sometimes hiatuses. Depending. ;)