11 December 2008

He knows. (And no, I have no idea how.)

My beloved DH baffles me sometimes.

Let's be honest, men and women are baffled by one another, most of the time.  Men?  Completely incomprehensible.  I mean, really.  But I know that they're just as confused by us.

DH was on a little business trip.  Someplace in that middle distance of "too close to fly to" and "takes all damn day to drive there".   He called me, to let me know approximately when he would be home.  It went something like this.

(telephone rings)

Me:  XYZR, this is Lucy.

DH: Hi hon, its me.

Me: Hello darling.

DH: What are you doing?

Me: Working, dear. (This is my answer every time he calls me at work.  You called me at work.  WTH do you think I'm doing?)

DH: You sound like you have a headache.

Me: !!!

Me: Yes, I do.  I have no idea how you know that, but yeah, I do.  It is bad.  I have an appointment with Joe later this afternoon.  I'm hoping he can fix it.

DH: That's not good, you've been getting a lot of those lately.

Me: (whispering now, because even this mundane conversation is making my head pound) I know.  Its been fun.

Anyway, he got home safe and sound (not that I expected otherwise) and I went to see Joe.  Joe is the massotherapist, to quote the rock band Heart, "he's a magic man!"  But not like that, get your mind outta the gutter!  Joe worked on my neck and shoulder muscles, working out some of the kinks that may or may not be causing the headaches, but even if they're not causing the migraines, they certainly aren't helping to ease it with as tense as they are.

I digress.

How the bloody hell does DH know I've got another one of the blankety-blank headaches from two sentences?  Beats me.  I wasn't whispering, or making "ow, it hurts" noises, he could just tell from the way I answered the phone.  The man knows me well.  And is a complete mystery to me!


John said...

You are uniquely blessed to apparently be genuinely loved by him. Be sure he knows that you notice. I assure you there are others in your life who notice as well. A marriage that "works" is this day and age is a rare beast indeed.


Lucy Arin said...

I am indeed lucky. Though far from perfect, the relationship does work exceedingly well.