08 July 2005


Have you ever been to London? I have. I was only 14, and it was longer ago than I like to admit. I was dazzeled by the big city, the wonderful accents...years later, when I was in business school, I took as many international bussiness classes as my university offered. One of them had instructions on how to take the first steps in doing business with the Brits and Asians, but only those two groups, strangely enough. Anyway, it said that when doing business with the Brits that you had to get everything in writing, because Americans tend to be so beguiled by those awesome accents that we agree to things we don't mean to, just to keep 'em talking.

London was too cool. We were only there for 3 days and couldn't do everything or even a fraction of what we wanted to do. I've been to St. Paul's, and have memories but no pictures of the revolving Scotland Yard sign I keep seeing on TV. The London Underground system is maybe my favorite subway system in the world. Just as I had a real hard time dealing with the September 11th attacks, I'm still in shock and disbelief mode on this one.

I do not understand why anyone wants to kill innocent people on their way to work. I just don't get it. Would someone from Al-Queda please tell me what killing mothers, sons, daughters, and husbands accomplishes? Let me give you quick lesson in cultural sensitivity. Well, really, it doesn't matter if you want one or not, I'm giving it to you. People, all over the world, no matter what their religion, nationality, ethnicity, or skin color, want several things. Food. Shelter. Comfort. To be loved. A life for their children that is better than their own. That's just basic psychology, folks. Start there any time you think you have nothing in common with someone who is different from you. I don't understand anyone who believes in a vengeful god and thinks that any supreme being encourages killing non-believers. Gimme a break. To drop a note of sympathy to the people of London or to express your support for them, click here or here or to donate to the Red Cross in the UK specifically for the London victims, click here.

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