06 July 2005

Sandra Day O'Connor Resignation

Do you know how close we are to losing a woman's right to choose? The last time Roe v. Wade came up for Supreme Court review, the vote was 5 to 4. One vote, ladies, is all that stands between us and a return to back alley abortions. Do you know WHO that one vote was? Sandra Day O'Conner. And we stand now at a point in our history where things could go backward in time, instead of a triumphant march into the future. Our president, George W Bush, is gleefully anti choice, and has said repeatedly that he'd like to see justices on the federal bench who share his views. Please, please, please speak out. Now is not the time to wait for everyone else to DO SOMETHING! Be the badass girl I know you are and write to your senators, telling him or her not to vote for anti-choice, anti-women nominees. Go to NOW and use their link to send an e-mail to your senators. Or check out Planned Parenthood at PPFA.org. Do it today. DO IT NOW! Stand up for your rights, and the rights of your daughters, granddaughters, neices, friends, and all other wonderful women that you know.

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CJ said...

You kick ass, Melinda! I would link to your blog, too, if only I knew how. Perhaps you could give me a hint....

Happy blogging, and let's go get 'em!