11 July 2005


No, sorry, I’m not going to hold forth on the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album of the same name. Not that I don’t like Fleetwood Mac, but I’m about to have another panic attack!!

I’m worried today about the rumors that Chief Justice William Rehnquist is going to resign from the Supreme Court, creating a rare, but not un-heard of, two vacancies on the Supreme Court. If Rehnquist does step down, this creates the ideal situation for right wing extremists to push their anti-choice agenda. YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE IS IN EXTREME PERIL!!!! It is in danger now, but if Rehnquist does indeed step down, we may very well lose the right that has been ours for the majority of my lifetime. I’ve never known anything else. While I freely admit to being resistant to change as most human beings are; we dislike change for change’s sake; this would not be a change for the better.

Now is the time for activism. Don’t wait for someone else to do something. I’m doing something, and you can too. Visit NOW, where there’s a link to send e-mail or real paper letters to your senators…no looking up the address or anything, they take care of all of it. Just a few clicks of your mouse, and our elected officials will know that we’re not going to stand idly by while they erode our rights. Or visit NARAL, where you can send another e-mail to your senators, but you can also find out where your local chapter of Pro-Choice America is, and get involved with their events. I love the quote at NARAL's portal…next to a big picture of our beloved W are the words, “Don’t let his choice end yours.” LOVE IT! Another location is Planned Parenthood. This is the link to PPFA, but I promise that even if you live in the sticks that there’s a chapter of Planned Parenthood near you. That means that you can get involved no matter where you live. There’s a Planned Parenthood here, here, and here after all. While you’re at PPFA, check out save roe.

Don’t let another day go by without making your voice heard!!!

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