24 March 2006

Wishing I

The title from the post comes from the chorus of some silly pop song that's running through my head,

Wishing I
Wishing I
Wishing I was still with you

Too bad I can't remember who the hell sings it. Or get rid of it.

I've been reading bunches of Euro bloggers today, so wishing *I* was still in Europe...

And then it is Friday, thank god, so wishing *I* had about 6 more days off would be nice too.

Had an episode yesterday that was a sure sign of aging. Went something like this...

I was at my office, on the telephone, and talking to one of about 17 bosses that I have. His office is near my home, and I told him that I would stop at his office on my way home. I hung up the phone, shut down the computer, turned out some lights...and....left what I had promised to drop off locked in my desk. Then I drove toward home, and got about 1/4 mile from my house and realized what I had done. D'oh. So I called him from my ever-present mobile phone and he, being the sensitive and understanding fella that he is, laughed at me. I laughed along with him, but felt rather stupid. Sigh.

So wishing *I* was still 20. Maybe. Cheers-

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