02 March 2006

Food writing and the world at large

How excited am I that I'm going to do some semi-regular writing for a food website? My first article will go live on March 10th, at WellFed. Wooooooooo!!!! Really, I can barely contain myself. My bio is up already, and I'm working on that article to go live on the 10th.

So since that's what I've been up to, I haven't been much paying attention to the news, but I would like to register my disgust with W's blatant photo-op visit to Afganistan the other day. Shudder. And a wave of barfy feelings too. I haven't read the details of the nuclear agreement with India, so let me just say that I'm annoyed about the fact that the president can't properly pronounce the word nuclear. And that if the general population at large wants to be all up in arms about a Dubai company running several important ports here in the US, why is no one upset with a possible nuclear deal with India? I don't know if the India deal is a good or bad thing, but hey, Joe and Jane 6 pack, India....Dubai....with the average American's grasp of global geography, you'd think that someone would be soapboxing that issue. Just for your own info though, folks, India and Dubai aren't the same country, nor are they all that close to one another. Check out Rand McNally to be sure. Cheerio!

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