08 March 2006

Wondering if the world's gone mad

Yes, indeedy. Its been a heck of a week and it isn't over yet. I'm wondering if there's a full moon all week, cause things couldn't be crazier. First, to start the week off, I was called into work at 4 am on Sunday. Yah, if that ain't the best way to start the week, maybe it could only be better by having my annual OB/GYN exam first thing on Monday morning. Which I didn't; I have that on Friday. Remember that 80's song, "Baby I'm the Lucky One"? I think it was maybe by Amy Grant...feels like it must be the sarcastic theme of the week, although strictly speaking I'm not crazy about Amy Grant. Anyway.

I've added some links over on the right, found a funny funny european blogger named Zoe, check her out, she is hilarious. Have you ever followed blog links from one blog to the next and suddenly discovered that you've lost 3 hours? That's how I found Zoe, I'm not even sure of the path that I followed to her front door in Brussels. I also found an American expatriate living my dream life in Stockholm that way. I'm waiting to find out if it is OK with him to link his blog here. I AM senstive to those who might not like my political leanings, really. I know that they're allowed to disagree with me, and I also know that they're just wrong. :-p

I was having a chat with one of the few other pro-choice folks that I know and she was telling me about a South Dakota law that was passed which bans all abortions. Egad, has the world gone totally mad? And how did I miss this? The bill was signed into law on March 6th! And the first time I heard about it was yesterday. Anti-choice folks are hoping that it will be challenged by Roe v. Wade supporters, because that way it will be sure to come before the Supreme Court. We all know how much the court has changed recently and the hope of the anti-choice folks is that it will considerably weaken Roe. May I remind you all to run along to Save Roe and support them in whatever manner you are able?

My first article on Fit Fare will post on Friday (that's tomorrow), do check it out. I wrote a cookbook review and had my sister and my BF read it for me, before I submitted it. BF reminds me yet again that I have problems with run-on sentences....I know. Sigh. I'm working on it, really. But I'm really excited about the new venture, writing a weekly article for FitFare. Up next is an article about low fat party appetizers, which will probably spill all of my party hostess secrets...Most of the things that I make for the parties I have ARE low fat, and I just don't tell anyone. And then they don't know they're eating healthy! I like to fool people that way, and then relish their facial expressions when they find out that the cute little canape that they ate wasn't bad for them. Gotta run...


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