09 August 2006

Ah, for the ability to type and drive at the same time.

Would some bright scientist type please invent this? I spent Monday afternoon driving through Ohio (yes, it IS possible to drive from my home for 5 hours and STILL be in Ohio) and I had so many ideas about things to write about. And then yesterday I made the return journey and was listening to various NPR stations (among them WYSO, WCBE, WOSU) and having more ideas. Since I was driving alone, I couldn't have someone else drive so I could type, and I didn't have a computer with me anyway.

I logged into the computer this morning to check my e-mails since I was away from the computer for about 36 hours and I had 17. When I worked for the bastard bank, that wouldn't have been very many, but these days it is quite a few and I was kinda suprised. And since most of them were work related, we're moving on.

In between Columbus and Mansfield, there just aren't that many radio options. Country, some more country, two Christian stations (shudder. shudder some more.), and not much else. 80 miles outside of Cleveland I was able to pick up WCPN, thank goodness.

I've been writing more at Well Fed and having a delightful time doing it. I did some research about Mad Cow Disease, organic labeling standards and fair trade coffee. The fair trade article won't appear until later this week, but check Growers and Grocers for the other articles. I'm learning so much!! I had no idea about food production in this country and am appalled about all kinds of things...

Although I can't talk about my work on this site, I am going to mention this briefly. I was at Camp Joy for a work retreat and had a fantastic time. It was hot, and I think I sweated about 11 pounds off. They do have air-conditioned cabins, thank goodness. What a wonderful place!

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