20 August 2006


Yes, that would be me huffing in frustration. Well. Tempest in a teapot time, no? My last post, a letter to members of Al-Qaeda, landed me more comments that usual, yay, but also seemed to set off a bit of a shit-storm, which wasn't my intention, so booooo.

I *KNOW* that all who practice Islam are not terrorists. OK? I hate, hate, hate people like Tucker Carlson, who go on MSNBC and make statements like the following, "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim." Gimme a break Tucker. I also dislike making myself look like your average Yank, who doesn't know a damn thing about the world beyond her front door. An admonishment to THINK before I write was therefore in order, and was issued beautifully by Aunty Marianne in the comments of my last post. I kinda pulled an open mouth, insert foot, chew.

I'm typing on the laptop with dying batteries, so that's all I've got to say today.


Gary said...

You're quite right to ask the questions that you did, even though you forgot to put the disclaimer about only targetting it at extremists.

Can I also point out that not all extremist muslims live in caves and dress like osama ?

I live in a city in the UK where last year four young men prepared four bombs and travelled to London on July 7th to blow themselves up, I'm sure you remember the events - the point is that those four young men lived in this city with their extremist views completely un-noticed by the rest of the population, one of them even worked in a school with 7 year old children right up until the week that he blew himself up.

Thats the bit that we can't get our heads around, who brainwashed them in that way and what did they think they would achieve ?

Katie Burke said...

It is really hard to talk about these matters without being jumped upon for any misstatement that does not comport with your true beliefs/understanding of the thing. It is all so frustrating and complex, and of course, we know that we are never getting the full story, no matter what sources we consult to try to piece it all together.

All I know is that I cannot take the fighting anymore - not the debates about the issue but the actual massacre and slaughter and the whole thing. It makes me want to get in bed and stay under the covers all day, until it is all over. But alas, these matters need to be addressed head-on, so that is what I do.

Good for you for taking on the debate.