03 August 2006

More Dave Matthews Band Madness

I haven't been writing much at all b/c it is too dammed hot. Today's high was 83, but the humidity is at 100% which makes the oppressive-ness factor of the heat much higher. Yuk.

Went to see Dave Matthews Band last night at Blossom Music Center. It was a good show. They're all good shows; this one was a bit disorganized. The band spent quite a bit of time talking to each other, more than usual. Seemed a bit like maybe they hadn't decided on a set list before they took the stage. Maybe it was me; but I was there with a friend who I've seen more than 10 shows with, and she thought the same thing.

There aren't really any songs that the band has written that I DON'T like; but I do have a few particular favorites; Grey Street, Ants Marching, So Much to Say, Best of What's Around. They played Ants Marching (a rarity), Sleep to Dream Her (haven't heard that live for a few years) and Grey Street, plus a few others that I like; complete set list can be found here.

Am editorial note; I've been getting comment spam from the site in my e-mail, so I added a word verification doo-hickey. Please don't let that stop you from making a comment.

Soundtrack: DMB Live @ central park

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