24 February 2006

quick random musings

I had to go to court for that speeding ticket last night. Now, if you know me IRL, you know that I'm rarely at a loss for words, even if they be catty words. But wow. Words kinda fail me about court. First of all, I thought that it was going to be just traffic court and it wasn't, so that was unpleasant surprise #1. There were people there who were accused of actual, real crimes, albeit misdemeanors, but still. Then, I am annoyed that it was supposed to start right at 5:30, and the judge didn’t enter the court room until 5:45. That’s really annoying. I run late all the time, for all kinds of things, most often for meeting up with my DH, but I expect things like COURT to start on time. They spent a whole lot of time talking about what your options are for pleading, guilty, no contest, not guilty, and the different types of bail. I was about the 15th person called, and maybe the 8th or so for a ticket. I started feeling better about what the fine might be after the very first person called for a ticket, because they got a $20 fine in addition to court costs, which I already knew were $65. So I plead no contest, told the judge how I’ve never had a ticket in my life (and hello, I am 31 years old!) and that I was embarrassed. He fined me $35, since it was a school zone, and I wrote a check for $100. I had expected a fine between $200-300, so I feel like I got off relatively easy. I completely forgot to ask; how many points will I end up with? So I have to call the court today to find out.

I’m running late this morning and need to get a shower and head out the door to work, so even though I’ve got lots more to say about a bunch of other things, I’ve got to run.

Here’s the tease, though…I’m going to write for a food blog! I’m very very excited about it.

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