20 May 2006


Something I like to do when I don't have any particular task ahead of me is to click the Blogger Nav Bar's "Next Blog" button. I've found some interesting (and terrifying) things that way, but mostly it is just entertaining. Tonight, however, I'm reminded of the Dollis Hill loop that Scaryduck had going on in his Mornington Crescent game post recently. I kept getting tossed to a site called "Yadda Yadda News", which somehow doesn't have a Blogger Nav Bar, so I could only get off of it by going back to the last site and clicking Next Blog again. Supposedly, that is completely random, but I got shunted to Yadda Yadda about 4 times, from different blogs. That was annoying. And then I also got tossed to a couple of sites with really bad spelling. Am I the only one who uses spell check? One woman spelled cholesterol colestral. ICK.

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