18 May 2006

Fighting mad, but also very glum.

Check out Dan Savage's latest column, which is syndicated, but I think easiest to find in The Stranger, (he just happens to be the editor, too). In particular, the last few paragraphs, where he talks about the Straight Rights Update. I knew things were bad on the contraception rights front, but I had no clue they were THIS bad. Take this quote, for instance. Judie Brown, president of the American Life League: "We see a direct connection between the practice of contraception and the practice of abortion. The mind-set that invites a couple to use contraception is an antichild mind-set.... We oppose all forms of contraception."

Because having sex for fun is BAD, BAD, people. You should apparently only ever have sex with the intetion of creating a child. Otherwise, you are anti-child, anti-christian, and according to the President Idiot Administration, anti-american as well. Now, I'm used to being called anti-american. It only ever serves to amuse, because the fact that I am expressing my opinion in any public forum is the very heart and soul of American democratic rights, but in the early days of the current Iraq war, whenever I expressed opposition to it, I was branded, you guessed it, anti-american.

I do a lot of public speaking in my work, and I tell stories about small groups of people who changed the world. I'm feeling glum b/c I don't feel like I can change anything, and these attacks on your civil liberties are serious things. Aren't you frightened? Worried? You ought to be. DO SOMETHING!

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Hugh said...

I wouldn't get too worried about it. Having sex is a biological and psycological imperitive that has been encoded into our genetic structure since the dawn of the species.

Before, having more children was almost always disirable, because (i) it made it more likely that the parental genes would survive and (ii) in an agrarian society, your children were your workforce and retirement security.

But, in an industrial and information age society, education is the best means to ensure your child's success. So rationally, you only want to have as many children as you can afford to educate. Most people are rational, so they will want to limit the number of their children. However, the desire for sex, being encoded into our genes, is not rational. So the rational decision is to have non-reproductive sex.

Society has been moving towards non-reproductive sex as being okay very rapidly for the last 100 years. I should say our society, because it has been regarded as being okay in many other societies, past and present. Religion, by its very nature is a conservative movement (it also tends to be non-rational). So, it still has antiquated ideas about sex. But it too will change over time i.e. most Protestant ministers can get married, whereas their Catholic forebears could and can not.