06 May 2006

Just an exercise in vanity, thanks.

Amanda had a post about songs on her iPod that are somewhat embarrassing to admit that you like. Which made me think about my own eclectic music tastes. DH and I made an effort over the weekend to put CDs back into their proper cases, because even though he is the Über-computer master, we don't own an iPod or any other digital music storage device. No, instead we have a great surround sound system that has a 5 disk CD changer as part of the whole Star-Wars looking array, and we're lazy and don't put CDs away when we change them out. So there were about 40 that needed cases found and anytime I look at that music collection, it makes me laugh. He: Journey, Styx, Floyd, and Jimmy Buffet fan. Me: Ani DiFranco, Def Leppard, Dave Matthews Band, Tori Amos, U2, and Shakira fan. Plus there's a bunch of stuff that we both like, and before we got married, we'd each buy a copy of the CD, so we have 2 copies of a CD by Amanda Marshall, 2 of Blues Traveler's "4", 2 of Santana's "Supernatural", 2 of Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance", and about 10 others that I am too lazy to get up and look at. Yes, an eclectic collection, not a weird one, nod along with me here.

But when we're talking about I'm embarrassed to admit that I like, I'm going to have to go with the techno habit that I picked up while an exchange student in Sweden in the early 90s. Prodigy, looooong before that whole controversy about that stupid song, "Smack my bitch up" which I never liked, had a CD that I liked a whole lot, called Experience. Then there was the Chemical Brothers, and some German techno that was about a movie about a sinking submarine, which really makes you want to hop up and DANCE DANCE DANCE, doesn't it? I listened again to Das Boot again about 8 years ago and hated it, and the computer I'm working on doesn't have a soundcard, or I'd download it again and listen, just to see what I think now. In small doses, probably, it is OK. I remember an ex-boyfriend who hated, hated techno, who told me that any 3 year old with a computer can compose dance music. I disagree, but that’s probably because I love to dance and have such fun when there’s techno music on.

Since I can’t do a “what’s in my iPod”, here’s a list of what’s in my car’s 10 CD changer.

1. Nickel Creek-Why Should the Fire Die?
-I saw them @ The House of Blues, and WOW, they rock. I wish I had access to the version of “Toxic” that I saw them do live, cause it was AWESOME
2. Incubus-Morning View
-the summer that I was so miserable at work (this has been a few years ago now) the song, “Wish You Were Here” got me through the drive in to work each morning. This CD has been in the changer ever since. I never take it out.
3. Shakira-Oral Fixation, Volume 2
-this is new for me, but I’m enjoying it. Makes me wish I spoke Spanish.
4. U2-How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
-Mmmmm, U2. That’s all I have to say. What’s not to like here?
5. Powder Finger-Odyssey #5
-An Aussie band that my sister burned a copy of her CD for me, they’re really neat. Kind of like Beck, you never know exactly what you’re going to get. Love it.
6. Bruce Springsteen-The Rising
-“Lonesome Day” might be the best expression of grief that I’ve ever heard. But there’s other stuff on here that’s really cool, too.
7. Sheryl Crow-Wildflower
-This is new for me too. I really like her strength.
8. The Clarks-Fast Moving Cars
-A freebie from a radio station, this is something that I love to sing along to. “Hell on Wheels” is a favorite, but the title track is great too.
9. Def Leppard-Rock of Ages Volume 1
-uh, haven’t I blogged about them enough lately? I can sing every song on both CDs.
10. Def Leppard-Rock of Ages Volume 2

So that’s my list. Nothing in particular on that list that I’m embarrassed about. But probably not a good representation of my whole collection either. None of the new age stuff I like is in there, nor any of the punk from the early 80s, like the Clash. None of my jazz, or classical made that list either. And none of the Swedish pop that I have tons of, which keeps me in practice with my language skills. It is probably a good thing that most of my embarrassing music choices occurred before CDs, and I don’t have the tapes anymore. Like New Kids on The Block.

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