22 May 2006

Today, Cancer-Free!

I went to have my stitches removed this morning, thank goodness. They were ITCHY! It looks like hell, but according to cute doctor man it is healing well. And it wasn't cancer, but since I didn't write down what he said it was I can't remember. He did say it was just as well that I had it off, it was large and went deeper than he expected. Whooooooo, I don't have skin cancer!

Next up? I'm heading to Florida to visit some family next week. I'm taking lots and lots of sunscreen! I burn super-easily....thanks to my Northern-European heritage, I'm about as white as you can be. In the summer, I am rarely without my SPF 30, and you can be sure that while I'm in Florida, applying sunscreen will be the first thing I do as soon as I get out of the shower each morning. Sunburn is NO FUN. I won't have access to the computer at all from May 30th to June 3rd, so I'll be suffering internet deprivation, but I hope you're all doing just fine.

And over Memorial Day weekend I'm going to the INDY 500!!!!!!!!!! (Not that I'm excited about that or anything.) Strictly speaking, DH and I aren’t NASCAR fans, but anything with engines and wheels, as my dad says, can hold my interest. We visit antique car shows every summer, and try to make it to the North American International Auto Show (NAIS) in Detroit every January. I’ve always liked Formula 1 racing, and you can’t grow up in America without having been to a drag racing strip, but this will be my first major race, so I’m excited about that and about the chance to possibly meet Danica Patrick, which may or may not happen, but I’ll post a pic if it does. If I do, I want to ask her about what she thinks about women’s rights, but I doubt I’ll get the opportunity. She was in a Parade article the other day talking about her weight, and how she needs to stay a certain weight for racing. Interesting, nes pa, that I’ve never heard Jeff Gordon or Dale Jr. talk about their weight…


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