06 July 2007

Happy Blog-Birthday To Me!

Today marks two years since I started blogging. So much has changed in my own life. And so little has changed with the Idiot Administration.

A woman's right to choose is more tenuous than ever, thanks to the resignation of Sandra Day O'Connor and the death of Chief Justice Rehnquist. The court made a big shift to the conservative side with President Idiot's appointment of John Roberts and Sam Alito.

We still have more than 500 days left in the Idiot Administration. Thank whatever you hold holy that he's not eligible for a third term, I'd have to emigrate. The lasting damage that he's already done to the environment, our civil liberties, the standing of the United States in the rest world and women's rights is quite enough.

How ironic is it that my blog anniversary is also President Idiot's birthday? I'm fairly entertained by that.


MotherMe said...

Happy BlogDay to You! Maybe later I'll try to come up with a celebratory poem of some kind. Til then, cheers!


Lucy Arin said...

Thanks! Can't believe it has been that long...