22 July 2007

Who'da thunk, 7 years

DH and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary this weekend. Seven years ago today, we got married, after a nearly two year engagement and having actually met and started dating in 1994. I'm not going to tell the story of how we met (too personal) or how he asked me to marry him (again, too personal) or even tell the story of our wedding day.

Instead, I'll tell you that last night we celebrated the anniversary by taking a dinner cruise in Pittsburgh, which was fun. The food wasn't wonderful. It was billed as a dinner dance, and the music wasn't fantastic either, (too heavy on stuff like The Electric Slide, ugh) but it was a beautiful night and we had a great time. Spent the night in the city, at a fantastic hotel, and plan to spend the remainder of the day doing not much of anything. A nearly perfect weekend.


MotherMe said...

Wow. Lucky #7. Congratulations! :)


John said...

Lucy ;-)

Congrats on 7! My Beloved and I celebrate 19 this September. It seems like a blink of the eye. Here's hoping you have many more marvelous memories with DH.


Lucy Arin said...

Where do the years go? Can't believe it has been 7 already. Congrats to you too, on 19, that's awesome.