03 July 2007

I'm Entertained.

I went to the doctor's today. Dr. H, my family doctor. I made the appointment several weeks ago at his request when he upped the dosage on my anti-depressants.

Have I mentioned that I adore Dr. H? Yeah, once or twice, I think. Besides the fact that he actually listens to me, and he's easy on the eyes, when you're in his office you get his complete, undivided attention. Which is why I don't mind waiting in his office for sometimes an hour or more.

Today, after the nurse weighed me (woot, the Dr.'s office scale shows a number lower than the YMCA's!) I asked something I've been meaning to ask for several years now. "Can you measure me?" I asked her. "I have no idea how tall I am."

"Sure," she said, pointing out the heretofore unnoticed wall chart. I have been telling people for many, many years that I am 5'4", but the last time I know for certain that I was measured was when I was about 15. More years ago than I care to admit. So she had me remove my high heels, and stand up against the wall, urged me to press the small of my back more firmly into the wall, (twice) and announced that I am 5'6".

Really? I had no idea. But I am vastly entertained. My parents are tall people, Dad is 6', Mum is 5'8", the sibs are 5'8" and 5'9", and DH is 6'1". So I'm used to being the short one. Dad often teases me by encouraging me to "stand up" when we're taking group photos...when I am in fact already standing. (Either learn how to deal with the constant teasing in the household or learn how to STFU, them's the rules.)

My posture is really good, though, and people have been telling me for years that they thought I was taller than 5'4". My usual response to that is that I stand up straight, I carry myself well, and with my personality being as forceful as it is, people assume that I am taller. Plus I wear heels every single day.

Yoga and Pilate's have made my muscles longer, leaner, stronger, and made me think even more about standing up with my shoulders back. I can't slouch, it makes my shoulders sore. Sitting on the ground with no spinal support isn't painful anymore, and I can sit still longer without pain.

All of this makes me think about how far I've come in my quest to be in better shape, be thin like I once was, to avoid the familial legacy of hypertension, diabetes, and bad joints. And yet, how far I have to go. Thirty pounds lighter, in better shape than I've been perhaps since my early teens, and still, at least another thirty pounds to go. Discouraging.

The process of re-framing that the shrink was talking about last week means (looked it up, finally) that you turn things around, from negatives to positives, and so if I'm truly in that process, then I should be able to look at the additional 30-40 pounds that I need to lose as a challenge, as something that keeps me motivated. I'm not quite there yet, able to keep the motivation high by re-framing. But I am working on it.

In the news today, President Idiot commuted Scooter's sentence. This is something that DH and I actually agree on, wonder of wonders. Our political viewpoints are so diverse that we never talk politics. But when he noticed this news on Fox, he said, "You've GOT to be kidding me." I looked up from my MySpacing and read the ticker on the bottom of the screen and let out my own howl of frustration. I hate that I was right about what the Idiot Administration was going to do about this, although my timing was off. I thought W would do it right before he left office. But by doing it on July 3, he was clever, because the news cycle will move on to July 4th celebrations and fireworks, and Scooter will be forgotten.

Isn't that a damn shame? He should do the time. Herregud, if PARIS HILTON had to spend some time behind bars, then so should Scooter. God, I despise this administration.

If you're in the States, I wish you a wonderful 4th of July.


Dawna said...

Well there ya go! You aren't a short after all ^_^. 5'6" isn't that bad. It isn't short, and it isn't tall... although I often lament about being short (half an inch taller than you) and wear heels as often as possible. It helps a lot that my hubs is 5'11". Hee hee. He cringes whenever I wear heels.

MotherMe said...

I'm going to go get myself measured, too. As long as my height number is bigger than my circumference, I think I'll be okay.

Just my own example of "reframing".


Lucy Arin said...

The only thing is that I can't reach the top shelf of any cupboard in any kitchen I've ever been in. If only I could! But I have both a small ladder and a step-stool to help me reach, so it is all good.