21 December 2007

More MAJOR kudos to the Armstrongs

Heather and John Armstrong, in case you're living under a rock, are Dooce and Blurb, at www.dooce.com and www.blurbomat.com. Heather had a great depression post the other day, and John wrote a very eloquent and amazing post kind of in response to that, about what it is like to live with someone with depression.

Truly, one of the most difficult things to read that I've ever tried to make my way through.

Not because of my usual bitches about spelling and grammar, but rather because it hurts me to think that this is what my family is going through with me.

Powerful stuff. Again.

Their courage in standing up for those who suffer from mental illness, their sometimes painful honesty, their willingness to share their lives in such an open fashion with the world often simply staggers me.

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