14 December 2007

Powerful words

Dooce has a post she wrote yesterday that is incredibly moving. How I wish I wrote about 1/4 as well as she does!! Please check it out, she really clarifies some of the things that I feel about mental illness.


Dawna said...

I love how she calls it "this side". Truly, it is "this side" versus some other dark side that we hardly know (or are willing to admit it was there) when we are on this side.

The other side scares the shit right out of me, and like the cresting of the moon, I some times see the dark side creeping up if I don't stay alert. And some times, it bites me in the ass.

You are right, she is a pretty good writer. Heck, I wish most people wrote like that! Nothing more painful than read blogs that, you know, have great stories but the people simply do not know how to spew their words onto the screen.

Lucy Arin said...

Or blogs that tell great stories but are badly spelled and punctuated...

She's really been through unmitigated hell. Without her courage in telling her story, I would not have ever told mine.

I think of it as darkness that creeps up around me to surround me, almost like the dementors in the 3rd HP movie. Once you're in the midst of it, fighting your way out is rough. If you can catch it before it engulfs you, then you have a better shot of not sinking into oblivion.

All of which reminds me, I didn't take my meds yesterday, and need to go get a dose of them asap.