03 January 2008


The end of 2007 was somewhat typical of the rest of the year for the weather around here. Unseasonably warm, weather that is very unusual for the time of year. Our summer was cooler than usual, which was nice 'cause I detest the heat, but the fall and winter thus far have been much warmer than they ought to be.

Hey, Mr. President? Global Warming? Is real. I'm so not in the mood for politics today.

On New Year's Eve, the temp was in the mid-40s. Weather that we should have at the end of March, or near the middle to end of October. Not in December. And then the next day, New Year's Day, it snowed like a sonavabitch, with high winds, blowing and drifting snow...we were forecast at least 4 inches, but didn't get that much around my home.

I am one of those rare lunatics who LIKES the cold. Yes, really. I'd prefer an inch of snow on the ground to 90+ temperatures. My logic goes something like this...in the winter, you can pile on lots of layers to keep warm, or attempt to keep warm, anyway. In the summer, there's only so much you can take off and not be arrested!

We keep the temp fairly low in the winter in the house, partly to save money, partly because we like it that way, and partly to conserve natural gas. Rarely is the thermostat set higher than 68, and overnight it goes down to I think 62. All I know is that woe betide thee if you get out of bed in the middle of the night, because it is COLD in here. It isn't set that low in the summer (our electric bill would be un-payable) but it is pleasantly cool in here in the summer too.

Like so many other things I see going wrong with the country, the weather's anomalies make me nervous. Will my niece and nephew and greats and grands see true Oh-hia-ia winters? Sledding used to be something that we all did (even my parents) every winter. I don't see kids do that these days. There weren't a lot of crisp, cool fall days last year. Days when you feel like you ought to buy some #2 pencils and new notebooks, drink some apple cider. The temps stayed in the high 60s until nearly November; Auntie H's funeral, held 1 November, was sunny and warm, not a cloud in the sky.

I know I'm mostly preaching to the choir. If you read this blog all the time, chances are high that you agree with my POV mostly always. But.

Recycling and making a conscious effort to reduce our consumption of natural resources are, in my ever-so-humble, about the only way the average person can attempt to assist in slowing the destruction of the planet. Even though I don't plan to have kids, I'd like the next 3 generations to be able to continue to live on this planet. I'm working on doing my share; part of my next paycheck is going to one of these. Composting is something I feel I should have been doing for a long, long time. Cutting down on the amount of waste I contribute is a goal for the year.

Cool, eh?


MotherMe said...

Very cool! I'm curious to see how it works for you. Maybe I'll have to get one, too. :D

Dawna said...

I've always wanted to compost too, just never had a yard of my own in which to do it. Personally, having one on a balcony would be gross.

But yeah, I have a lot of the same fears with the weather. This year, we were supposed to get an old school "normal" winter. HAH! Maybe it was normal for a few weeks, but it has gone stupid again. Two weeks of warmth and rain, two weeks of icicles dangling from your nose, lather, rinse, repeat. There isn't enough time to gather snow! We can't go skating outside because there isn't enough time between prepping the ice for skating and then a thaw.

I'm with ya, things are just not the same.

Lucy Arin said...


Surprisingly, the compost container I want is designed for Japanese apartments and condos, for use inside. So we'll see how that works out. DH is going to have a flaming fit, he doesn't buy into "any of that recycling shit."

Although my condo community doesn't really allow us to make drastic changes outside (as in plowing up our backyard area for a garden) I'm allowed to do all the container gardening I want, so I will use the compost. Whatever I don't use, I have a sneaking suspicion that I just might be able to find someone who would want it.