08 July 2009

Full Moon Fever

As DH and I left the Pittsburgh airport on Monday night, exhausted and cranky, we were both looking for was to make the other laugh, cheer each other up a bit at 1:30 AM. I commented, "It's a nice night. Look at the moon."

He agreed. It was a pleasant night, the temperature was nice, low humidity, and the moon was pretty. The fact that we don't usually hang out to appreciate the moon in the wee small hours of the morning didn't make it more alluring, though.

When I worked as a teller for Ye Olde Evile Bank, I discovered that there is truth to the old axiom about strange things happening around a full moon. Weird telephone calls, strange customers, computers behaving badly, all due to a full moon.

Yesterday, the telephone calls I received at work went from "that's odd" to "really?" to "wow, weird" to "dude, seriously" to "WTF, people?!" in no time flat.

It is a trend I notice every time the moon is full in my little corner of the world. A routine, honestly, that I could do without, thanks.

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