06 July 2009

I'm 4!

Happy Blogversary to me!

I managed to write all of 9 posts in 2005, mostly about politics and women's rights. 2006 I got to all of 95 posts, and 249 in 2007. That averages out to about 141 posts a year. For a while in 2007, I was writing nearly every day. It was part of my near-daily routine. Of course, I was unemployed for 4 months in 2007, so I did have a bit more time to devote to it.

Thinking about that summer reminds me that it was two years ago that I went to Lilydale. I'd really like to do that again. I had such a sense of peace there. I went by myself, stayed in a hotel with no air conditioning (I was lucky that it was very cool for the week or so I stayed there) with a community bathroom down the hall, and I was happy as a clam. I just spent about 20 minutes searching my blog archive and my on line calendar to see if I can figure out exactly when I was in Lilydale, but all I can come up with is that I wrote a blog post from there on July 10. I think I stayed for 3-5 days, but I don't remember. I recently cleaned up the storage area in my house, and I pitched the program guide from Lilydale for the summer of 2007, which I could have consulted for definite dates...but no, I have that organize-tidy-clean gene.

Perhaps I think about Lilydale on my blogversary because it completely slipped by without me noticing that year. Too wrapped up in the myth, fantasy, curiosity (and lunacy) of Spirtiualism, as well as the fact that I'd lost my job just days prior.

This year, instead of the cool hills of western New York state, as you read this, I'll be in sweltering hot Florida. My beloved paternal grandmother turns 90 on July 4, and today is our last day in Florida. Since my parents retired and spend half of the year in Florida, flying there and home is pretty routine. I don't take any liquids (no need for shampoo, etc because it is all at the parent's house) and therefore don't check any luggage. Direct flights are nice when we can get them, but more often than not we have to change planes in Atlanta, my least favorite airport in the world. Ugh.

I guess there is always next year for Lilydale; I'd like to make that part of my yearly routine, because it is such a peaceful place. I was able to do nothing at all or keep busy with seminars if I wanted to. My atheism and skepticism of their faith was readily accepted; they're well used to skeptics and non-believers. Perhaps in future years, that's how I'll celebrate this anniversary; the blog gets another year older, and I get to spend a few days on my own.

Happy Blogversary to Well Behaved Women!


MotherMe (who won't give her age) said...

Happy Blogoversary to you, Luce! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

John said...

4 years! Congrats and thanks! So much to talk about still! Like technology...I posted this comment yesterday but it did not post...go figure! But I digress.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation.