05 July 2009

A terrible, terrible new addiction.

One of my groups on Ravelry is good for a laugh, all the time. Sure, there's lots of posts in the forums like "ZOMG, my life is a mess!" but there's a lot that makes me giggle too.

It is entirely their fault that I've started reading Texts From Last Night. I use an RSS reader, so I don't see the "good night" "bad night" commentaries, which I find highly annoying. The premise is that they publish texts that people send one another when they probably....shouldn't.

Which reminds me about something totally unrelated.

I first heard the term "drunk dial" just a few years ago. This is when you get drunk and call an ex-lover on your mobile phone, and perhaps end up in bed with them, despite the fact that you know they're bad news and you really, really shouldn't. Or you just end up making an ass of yourself. Either way, not a good thing.

Texts from last night are examples of "drunk texting". That confuses me a little, because typing text messages is a pain in the butt and difficult when you're sober. I have a QWERTY keyboard on my mobile phone, and I still struggle with typing texts; when you just have a numbered keypad, how the heck do you do this when you're intoxicated?

TFLN are sometimes unintentionally hilarious, sometime sad, and sometimes terrifying. Examples?

--Well, you'll be happy to know Aaron Carter hit on me.

--I met a girl last night who charged by the inch. She'd be too expensive for me, but I thought you'd get a deal.

--brb, k???!? plz don't leave i want 2 talk bout r rltnshp

--is your mom at the bar?

Gems, all of them.

I want each and every one of you (all 4!) who read this to note that I am refraining from losing my shit over the grammar and spelling or lack thereof on those texts. I will not. I will not. I will not...

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