23 February 2006

A few more minutes spent on hockey

Isn't it so fun to say, "I was RIGHT!"? I, at least, enjoy it a whole bunch. The men's US hockey team was knocked out of the medal competition, and the final match will be between 2 of the following 4 teams. Finland, Russia, the Czech Republic, and SWEDEN! WHHHOOO-HOOO!! So either Sweden/Finland or Russia/Czech Republic, and then the losers of the Finland/Russia and Czech/Sweden games will play each other for the bronze. I did say that I didn't have high expectations for the US mens's team. I have not been following the women's side at all, but out of curiosity I just checked and the US team won bronze, behind Sweden, who got the silver, and Canada, who got the gold.

This is a funny aside; almost every time I've turned the olympics on over the past couple of days, CURLING has been on. What a sport. :-) DH pointed out yesterday that almost no one on this side of the Atlantic understands that sport at all. I played it for one afternoon in Sweden, but that does NOT mean that I have a firm grasp on it.

Gotta run...

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