10 February 2006

NOT a good day...

Ever have one of those days where you KNOW within about an hour that ya just shouldn't have gotten out of bed? I am having one today. First, not to be too graphic or gross, but I was due to start the day out with my annual OB/GYN exam, which if you aren't a girl, you're not going to be able to empathize. My friend A says that those are her most dreaded days....I have to agree. A GYN exam just ain't the most pleasant thing out there, let me tell ya. So as usual, I'm running late when I get pulled over by a friendly police officer who explains to me that I was traveling 42 mph in a 20 mph zone. More than double the speed limit. Ouch. I got a ticket, which I do really deserve. I'm not upset, particularly, about that. What upsets me is that the whole adventure is probably going to cost me about $250, and O-hi-ia has this system of "points" on your license, usually 2 for a moving violation, and at 12 you lose your license for I think a year. Since I was in a school zone (I know, I know, what WAS I thinking?) the points will probably be doubled, and the fine too. I called the court, because the nice officer said that since I have a clean record, I could mail in the fine, and the court says no, all offenders picked up in a school zone are MANDATORY automatic court appearances. Shit! This just keeps getting better….wait, that’s not the end. I get to the doctor's office about 15 minutes late, sign myself in, sit down, pull out my knitting, and knit contentedly for about 15 minutes when they call me back up to the window and inform me that my appointment is in fact for MARCH 10th, not February 10th. Feel free to fall out of your chair laughing at this point, because it is pretty funny. And no, they wouldn’t take me just because I was already there.

The crappy crappy crappy thing about the fine is that DH and I just decided a couple of days ago to head to Croatia in the summer of 2007 and began to save for it, and the fine is money that could have gone to a fantastic vacation but will instead go to Uncle State of Ohio. That combined with our HUGE federal tax liability just makes me one happy citizen.

From there, the day couldn’t really GET much worse, so I got myself a chocolate coffee from ny favorite chocolate shop and got to work. Work was pretty uneventful, thankfully, and now I’m heading to the bar where my sister works to get a drink. No, I won’t be driving this evening, we’ll leave that up to Mr. "I Don’t have any points on MY license, ha, ha, ha" otherwise known as DH.

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