05 April 2007


A Tuesday or so ago, I wrote about what I don't believe in. Something happened to me over the weekend/Monday that I DO believe in, so I'm going to share.

I went to dinner Sunday night with my mother and my DH, to a Chinese restaurant. Someplace we go often. I love all kinds of food, and Chinese is no exception. We had a wonderful meal, potstickers and something called shi-jing for me (chicken, veggies that I'm not allergic to, brown sauce, very simple), Mum had War Su Gai and DH had Empress Chicken. At the end of the meal, as is traditional with many Asian restaurants, our waitress presented us with fortune cookies.

Usually, at this restaurant, they have cookies with very silly "Confucius say" type quotes, all part of the fun, but not this time. Mine said, "Listen well over the next several days and you will be well rewarded with important information."


If that's not orders to siddown and shaddup, I dunno what is. That is something very, very difficult for me. I don't sit still well, and I talk far, far too much. I like to think that I'm a good listener, but I am very garrulous.

With that fortune still in mind on Monday morning, I went to one of the most important meetings of my (young) professional life. Now since I studiously avoid any specific mention of just what it is that I do for a living, or where exactly I live here on the blog, unfortunately I can not share with you what I learned, why the meeting was important, or what it was about. Which, admittedly, takes some of the fun out of it. I am sorry, but I do not want to get Dooced.

Regardless, as someone else was speaking, I was all set to jump in and say my own piece, when in my mind's eye, I saw that fortune again and held my tongue. And what came next out of my colleague's mouth was some of the most important information I've ever gotten, so the fortune was right. If I had opened my mouth and said my piece, the conversation would have wandered in another direction entirely, and I might never have learned what I did.

Is this mere coincidence? If I was a believer, which I am not, I might tell you that this was Divine Will or something akin to that. As it is, I'm fairly spooked by it. A Twilight Zone moment, if you will.

I believe in all sorts of psychic 'stuff', I believe that our brains can do far more than we actually end up using them for. I think there is the potential out there, untapped, for many, to do amazing things. Telepathy, empathy, prescience, visions, all of those things are possible. I've never seen any 'proof', but much like I do believe in a higher power of some form, I believe in all of those things.

I believe that the fortune I got on Sunday came to me for a reason. I'm not sure that I know the fullness of the reason yet, but I'm glad that I listened first, and spoke later in that meeting. I'm still working out just how freaked I should be. And how much this post will further convince friends that I'm slipping off of the ledge of sanity.


MotherMe said...

That was... well, just plain mean. Now I am dying to know what you heard!!!! *Sigh* But I know all too well the pain of paranoia... Can't wait to get the full scoop!!


Lucy Arin said...

paranoia, yes, a good bit of that. Heaps, actually.

Hiding behind a pen name means that I should be less worried, but instead it makes me hyper-cautious.

Sorry about the cliffhanger, but y'know, that's the way it goes. No one is dying, I promise.