04 April 2007

Sense? From the Iranian President?

Color me a little...shocked. Seems that the powers that be in Iran have decided to let the British sailors head home.

Well, really, who hasn't done a little criminal trespassing from time to time? (shifty eyes) Not me. This case essentially, in my ever so humble, is a very simple matter of both he said, she said and of wrong place, wrong time. The were in Iranian waters. No, they were in Iraqi waters. No, they were in international waters. They should apologize. No, be tried for treason against the Iranian state. Wait! I know, let's allow them to return to their families unharmed. I'm just personally surprised that whoever came up with that one is the winner.

Of course, you can't really say that this turned out to not be an International INCIDENT, given that they were held for 13 days, forced to 'confess' and paraded on international television. How heartbreaking for their families. I, for one, am thankful that they are being allowed to return home, physically unharmed.

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