26 April 2007

Run, girl.

I had another tough day on the treadmill. I don't understand why this happens. I couldn't run for more than about eight minutes today, when I've been doing 11 for a few days.

As if I'm not convinced that I'm completely losing my mind, I've had a couple of odd things happen to me that make me think I'm slipping over the edge. Tuesday, I 'lost' my iPod. Had it IN MY HAND when I got in the car...got to the gym, and it was gone. Now, really, where could it have gone? Had I dropped it in the garage? Set it down inside the house? Frantic searching ensued when I got out of the car in the gym's parking lot, looking around the seats, and it was nowhere to be found. So I used the gym's phone to call home and asked DH to look for it in the house and garage. No iPod.

Working out without music is horrible. Running on the treadmill is boring. Being at the gym isn't fun. So oddly enough, on Tuesday, I had headphones but no iPod. Fortunately, you can plug the headphones into some of the treadmills and I survived the workout.

Where was the iPod? Uh, in the car. Under the passenger seat. Found it when I got home, in the lighted garage. The gym's parking lot was just too dark to see it. But wait, that's not the worst of it.

This morning, I couldn't find my cell phone as I was on my way out the door to work. I'd tossed a load of laundry into the washing machine and started it, and somehow became convinced that the phone was inside the washing machine. Maybe it had gotten into the laundry basket. O, crap, what if it got in the laundry basket? Wet cell phone = bad. So I pulled every soaking wet thing out of the washing machine, shook it out, got water everywhere, and no, no cell phone. Finally found it about 10 minutes later, I'd set it down in my closet when getting dressed.

Scatterbrained like that isn't like me. Good god, I am losing my mind.


MotherMe said...

Oh, honey-girl, you're not crazy. You're just getting older. :)

Welcome to the Thirties!! ~mm

Lucy Arin said...

EEEEEEE! You're telling me this is going to get WORSE?

You should have seen me, running around the house looking for that phone. Made myself late & all flustered.

I'm going to find a rock to crawl under....with lots fewer possessions to lose. :)