27 April 2007


Many, many, many thanks to Mischa at Church Made Me Stupid for writing a post about this, which caught my attention. Rarely if ever do I do more than one blog post in a day, but this is important enough to warrant a dual post.

Please direct your mouse over to Feministe, and read about an attempted bombing at an abortion clinic in Austin, Texas. What, you didn't catch that in the national media? Oh, that's because "terrorism doesn’t count if it’s directed against women and their health care providers"

Dual standards for everything else in the whole wide world, not just male and female public behavior, but even for the safety of providers for women's health. Good Goddess, what is the world coming to?


MotherMe said...

Terrorism is anything that threatens the fat, old, white men in charge of our necks of the woods. Beyond that, you're just talking civil unrest. Bah.


Lucy Arin said...

ah. Silly me. I forgot that.

Such a sad statement about the world, isn't it?