12 March 2008

I feel like making a list.

So I shall. A list of things I'd like to do, or see, or be. Not an all-inclusive list, nor an extensive one.

Yet another OCD listitation.
(in no particular order)
1. Go to Australia
2. Go to India
3. Get my yoga certification.
4. Lose another 20 pounds.
5. Get rid of my migraines, once and for all.
6. See my two sisters more than a few times a year.
7. Learn to speak French.
8. Vastly improve my German speaking/reading/writing abilities.
9. Live somewhere that I can see the sun more than once or twice a month.
10.Learn to speak Spanish
11. Learn how to weave, on a huge loom that there is no room for in my house.
12. Learn how to spin wool into yarn, because I need another hobby. Obviously.
13. Meet Sera Gamble. Just once, is that too much to ask from life? And have her think that I'm very cool and a great writer.
14. Ski Banff.
15. Learn to ride a motorcycle. Or, I should say, how to DRIVE a motorcycle, I know how to ride one.
16. Go to culinary school and learn how to make amazing elaborate pastry and desserts.
17. Read Braille. (Don't ask me why. I don't know.)
18. Learn sign language.
19. Skydive. I think I'd get over my fear of heights.
20. Learn to fly/get a pilot's license, for small airplanes.
21. Have nice handwriting.
22. Finish my book.
23. Get my book published.
24. Age with style and grace. Someday far, far, far into the future.
25. Have much whiter teeth. ('S a vanity thing. I'm vain. I know.)

There are a few majors that I've left off the list. I'm sure you can supply one or two without me being detailed.

And you? What's on yours?

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