04 March 2008

Workin' It

I'm on the fence about what to do about a few potential job offers.

My RL friends are rolling around on the floor laughing right now, as I've been bitching so much lately about my current job. I'm sure they're in disbelief that I'd even hesitate on taking anything else.

Once upon a time, in the non-profit world, there was a board of directors that I reported to. Last week, I ran in to one of the board members, and told him about my unhappiness with my current job. He suggested that I send him my resume.

I like this guy. But I don't know if I want to work for him. So as of yet, I haven't sent it to him. I don't know if I want to.

I use yet another e-mail address other than lucyarinatgmaildotcom for my job searching; and because I get so much junk from Career Builder and Monster dot coms, I don't check it daily, nor does it come to my crackberry. I did check it today, and I have an e-mail from a company, suggesting that my Swedish language skills are much in demand.

HA! That's the first time in, oh, MY ENTIRE LIFE that I've ever heard that my Svensk abilities are in need anywhere in the world. Swedes, after all, by and large speak pretty flawless English. So although my language abilities in Swedish are just about at the level of a native speaker, no one has ever told me that they needed those mad skillz.

I'm not sure what to do about this. Run with it, or ignore it. Somewhere in the middle?

Throughout my entire life, I've taken the path of least resistance. I worked for ye olde evile bank in college, and once I graduated, it was far easier to look within the bank for a new job than search elsewhere. Even so, I stayed at the job I was at through college until nearly 6 months after graduation, because nothing exciting in the internal postings caught my eye. When something finally did, the transition was flawlessly easy.

When I left the bank, that was a leap of faith, but also an easy choice. Working in the non-profit world was deeply satisfying, although extraordinarily stressful. When I was unemployed last summer, I looked hard for work, but my current job was also something I just kind of slid into.

Methinks it is time for a change in that line of thinking. I keep replaying the lyrics to that Eminem song I'm so fond of over and over in my head.

Look, if you had
one shot
or one opportunity
to seize everything you ever wanted
one moment
would you capture it?
Or just let it slip?

I want this chance to use my Swedish skills.


{This may be the understatement of the year. Possibly.}

It may not be everything I want it to be, or everything I expect, but if I never even give it a shot, I'll never know.

Time to seize.


Dawna said...

Dude... Go For It!!!!

Carpe diem and all that.

Lucy Arin said...

I scored an interview with them, so we'll see what happens. I can't be more specific than I have already been about it, but I think you'll be able to hear me yell from your place if I get it.