13 March 2008


adjective, Swedish for 'opposite' or 'the other way around'

I'm still pretty bitterly disappointed over the fact that the company down south didn't hire me on the spot. I know, it isn't the end of the world. Here's the thing; in addition to usually taking the path of least resistance throughout most of my life, I've also nearly never wanted for anything. Whatever I want, I've usually gotten. Note that I'm certainly not denying that I'm spoiled; far from it, I am, and I know it. Note too that I'm not suggesting that I've never had to work hard for anything in my life; I have, I do.

But I'm not sure if I've ever wanted anything as badly as I wanted this.

So that's been a pretty bitter pill to swallow, this fact that sure, I'm awesome, but they didn't want me right away. There is still lots of hope that they'll call, and I still have the chance. Patience, however, has never been my strong suit. Waiting 3-4 weeks to see what the final decision will be a bit like lying on a bed of nails for that entire time. Urgh.

Instead of moping and waiting around, though, I'm leaving the small town I call home and heading to visit my sis in New York, an opposite that I enjoy quite a bit. You can't get much more opposite from here than New York. The pulse of the city surrounding me, spending some time with my sis...it is a pretty nice escape.

Perhaps I ought to have titled the post att springa ivag which, of course, means, 'to run away'! Because that's what I'm doing this weekend. Running away from home, running away from the job I dislike, running away and saying "la la la la la, real life, I can't hear you! I refuse to deal with you. LA LA LA LA LA!" But I do like the way tvartom sounds...prettymuch the way it is spelled, TVART-ommm, a fun sounding word.

I'm not taking the computer to New York. Shocking, I know. My sister wants to go shopping; if you knew her in real life, you'd know that the shocker is that she wants to go to Bloomingdales. Seriously. Plus there's about seventeen bajillion other things to do in NYC other than surf.

I fly out at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it.
I'll be back to reality on Monday. Maybe.

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MotherMe said...

When did you have time to post this?? I'm still woozy from the sangria, and I only had ONE.

Hope you have a great trip. You might not have your computer, but I'll bet you're taking the Crackberry....