08 March 2008

Left foot in, left foot out, and ya do

the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself about.....

Now that you'll have that running through your head all day (you're welcome, I'm sure)....

I was originally going to write about being buried under more snow than I remember for a long, long, loooong time, but then, going out the garage to get my 2nd can of soda to mix my 2nd drink, I caught myself dancing a bit and had another idea.

The weather is shit. No two ways about that, not at all. Without t'internets, life would be dull indeed under a level 2 or 3 snow emergency. (I've lost track, and anyway, either one means you're supposed to stay off the roads so that the guv can clear the streets, dangerous road conditions, blah, blah, blah, blah.)

By all rights, I ought to be bored out of my pretty little skull. What's a girl to do other than drink some rhum and zero-calorie vanilla soda? Normally, I don't condone drinking soda at all for myself, its full of corn syrup and other things that are bad for the whole body, not just bad for the diet. But...we're home, not going anywhere, there's a ton of booze in the house, there's no reason not to.

I've also got a whole bunch of yarn, and three or four projects on the needles that just might get finished over the weekend, with nothing better to do. I finished the eyelash scarf, shorter than I planned, but I got bored with just 15 stitches knit every single row, so I cast it off at about 7 feet long and started making a matching hat with the leftover yarn.

But what I was thinking about as I was mixing my drink was that I'm doing much better mentally. The last week has been better. And I don't just feel that way because I've been boozing a little, either. It seems that the Lexapro has kicked in, and with the combination of the two meds added to the fact that things have picked up on the job front, I'm doing better.

My shrink and I had a discussion where she urged me to work on having my sense of self-worth tied to what I do for a living. Still workin' on that one.

My resume has been out on the web on various job sites for years. Since I worked for ye olde evile bank. I left there in 2004, so let's guess from at least 2003. I get e-mails from recruiters for financial service companies all the time...they see my 7 years of banking experience, and want me to come be a securities broker for them. T'anks, but NO. All of a sudden, though, I'm getting hits on the resume from every angle. I have no idea what's changed; the economy's in the shitter (sorry, but how would YOU describe it?) and I've not updated my information on any of those sites since about 2006.

So I'm popular all of a sudden?

Mystifying, but fun.

If I get the job that I'm going to interview for next week in a place far, far away, WellBehaved will be updated infrequently for a little while. Going dark, if you will. But I'll keep ya updated on how that goes.

Am I excited about that interview? Sure. At various moments so hyped that I want to jump up and down like a little kid, and at others, so nervous that I'd like to vomit. I want this job. I want to knock their socks off in the interview. Keep your fingers crossed. I know I will be.

At the moment, though, rhum and vanilla cola are calling me. Loudly. And my hat knitting project, and an interesting movie on the telly....


MotherMe said...

Okay, that hokey-pokey trick was really mean. Bleah.

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